Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil: What’s the Difference?


One of the most overlooked and yet most important automotive components is oil. It’s the lifeblood of your engine, keeping your engine from breaking down much quicker. Oil is used to reduce heat and friction in the engine, which in turn prevents major hazards and breakdowns. With such an important job to do, maintaining your oil is critical. One question we often get asked is about the differences between synthetic and regular oil. If you are looking to compare synthetic vs. conventional oil, Cadillac Lakeland is here to help!

Today, we’ll compare synthetic oil vs. regular oil and full synthetic oil vs. synthetic blends, so you can be certain you’re using the right formula for your vehicle. Maintain a safe and smooth commute from Winter Haven to Bartow by servicing your vehicle with Cadillac Lakeland. Learn more about oil care with our handy guide below, and then reach out to our team for an oil change in Lakeland today!



What is Conventional (Regular) Oil?

When comparing synthetic oil vs. regular oil, chances are you’re familiar with conventional or “regular” oil. Conventional oil is a petroleum-based substance that’s been used in internal combustion engines for many years to provide the lubrication needed to prevent friction and overheating. Many of the vehicles you see on the Brandon streets utilize conventional oil, which is why you’re likely familiar with the product.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Like regular oil, synthetic oil is petroleum-based, but it offers enhanced lubrication properties and is more stable. Synthetic oils also oxidize less easily and retain protective properties that standard oils can’t offer. Synthetic oils are chemically developed from petrochemicals in intense processes to deliver the exact properties drivers need. These enhancements do make synthetic oils more expensive, but many vehicles require synthetic oil to run properly. Other benefits of synthetic oils include:

  • Synthetic oils are less viscous at lower temperatures
  • Synthetic oils offer enhanced engine-cleaning properties
  • Synthetic oils better protect critical turbocharger parts (when equipped)

How Do Full Synthetic Oils Differ From Synthetic Blends?

When comparing full synthetic oil vs. synthetic blends, you’ll notice a lot of similarities. However, as the name suggests, synthetic blends are made up of part synthetic oil and part conventional oil. This brings down costs but also dilutes the enhanced properties that make synthetic oils so desirable.

While you can use a synthetic blend in a pinch, many vehicles require full synthetic oil every time. If you’re unsure which type of oil is best for you, you can work directly with our Lakeland service team to make a service plan for your car!

Schedule a Cadillac Oil Change in Lakeland Today

Now that we’ve compared synthetic vs. conventional oil, you have the knowledge you need to service your car like a professional. Schedule an oil change with us online to get the right oil in your vehicle today! Not only can we help you compare synthetic oil vs. regular oil, but we can also answer all of your oil-related questions.


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